Joey Rideout

What I Do

I am interning as an Application Security Analyst at Kinaxis. I will be graduating in April of 2018 with an Honours Bachelor of Computer Science (Co-op) from the University of Waterloo in Canada. My hobbies include doing improv, writing, doing Application Security research, and studying for the ISC² Associate CISSP exam. My other bookmarks are currently wedged in great literature and public speaking.

My Background: Cybersecurity and Software Engineering

I got started in the technology industry seven years ago when I read a book about cryptography in middle school and later taught myself to code in order to build my own password cracker. After graduating high school in my home province of Alberta, Canada, I moved across the country to join the world's largest co-op system and Canada's leading Computer Science program at UW. I have since completed four internships: three as a full stack Web Developer, and one as a Security Engineer at TINT in San Francisco.

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Contact Me

I am more extroverted than your average Computer Science student, and enjoy meeting new people. If you like what I'm doing, give me a like or a follow. If you don't, give me a good debate ;)

GitHub: joeyrideout
LinkedIn: /in/joeyrideout
Medium: @joey_rideout
Twitter: @joey_rideout
Wikipedia: User:Joey_Rideout

Media inquiries welcome. Phone number available on request.

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